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Tired of the standard sales talk you often get from vendors? At Redcon Security, we’re not just experts – we’re hackers and thinkers. Our team goes deep into the technicalities of cybersecurity, offering the kind of in-depth knowledge and bespoke solutions you need, far removed from the typical sales pitches.

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We invite you to try out Redcon Security and witness the value firsthand. Our team of top professionals excels in offensive and defensive cybersecurity. We transform your security needs with deep expertise across critical sectors, we provide swift, impactful solutions. It’s not just about advanced strategies; it’s about empowering your team & projects with unparalleled skills. Experience the Redcon difference – where excellence isn’t just a promise, it’s a demonstration of what we can do.


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We provide services across Europe and currently expanding with a presence in the Middle East


We excels in penetration testing across critical infrastructure, including ICS/SCADA, automotive, windmills, life safety, mobile platforms, drawing on diverse experience in sectors like Oil and Gas, HVAC systems, Hardware Security to name a few. Our team's expertise extends to tackling complex challenges.

SOC Security Operations

Redcon Security excels in transforming Security Operations Centers (SOC) with expert training, advanced threat hunting, and detection engineering. Our services develop robust programs, helping teams outsmart adversaries and achieve operational excellence. Trust Redcon for your SOC's transformative journey to expertise.

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Redcon Security offers global Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) services, providing rapid and effective solutions for cybersecurity breaches. Our experts are ready for immediate dispatch anywhere in the world, offering not just consultation but also integrating with your team to manage crises efficiently.

Vulnerability Management

Redcon Security's Vulnerability Management services go beyond identifying weaknesses; we strengthen your digital foundations with in-depth source code reviews and integrate robust vulnerability management programs. We focus on the entire software lifecycle, embedding security in every stage of the SSDLC, and train your engineers to build security into your software's foundation.


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